Monday, January 24, 2011

Preparing an Incense Cup for Koudou–Part Three

Arranging the ash for a formal incense ceremony is not difficult if we remove many of the elements of “incense manners.” That is to say the more technical details of procedure and method, of which there are many. Things like arranging the utensils in the proper ceremonial manner and order. Other items like handling the tamper in the prescribed method and positions, or where the listening line begins and ends for each step. These are things that take years to learn and perfect. most of which are more for the elegance of the presentation than practical. The following video will illustrate the intricacies of presenting an incense cup to the group at an incense ceremony.

Yoshiko Nakata instructing David Oller

In the next presentaion we will present a practical presentation for westerners who don’t have access to formal incense traing in Japan.

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