Monday, August 10, 2009

Kodo Group in Santa Fe New Mexico

The Santa Fe group is organized by Christa Obuchowski of the Aroma Botanica Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Christa is a well known Aromatherapist, Perfumer, and Speaker who lives and works in Santa Fe when she is not travelling the world in search of the secrets of scents.

You can read more about her on Trygve Harris’ blog :

Read about agarwood from Trygve at:

The group is one of the most talented I’ve seen and I was a little surprised this Sunday at how many people were not only able to identify the “untried” incense in a modified version of Kasumi Koh, but actually guess the type of agarwood from the description in the Rikkoku descriptions.


If you live in New Mexico and would like to participate send me an email. You can find my email on our website at Sorry to be so evasive on the email but if I post it here spammers will grab it and, well, you know what that means!



Unknown said...

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Vienna Imports said...

It's wonderful to hear that people are still practicing these traditions.

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