Saturday, July 30, 2011

Neriko Part Two

This is one of the more popular recipes for neriko coming from ancient times.

Plum Blossom Blend. (Baika)

Used in the spring.

According to old literature
Aloeswood 4 ryo(60grams) ryo 15grams (old unit to weigh for pecious goods)
Cloves 2 ryo (30grams) bu 0.4grams
Seashell 2 bu (0.8grams) shu 0.07grams
Spikenard 2 shu (0.14grams)
Musk 3 shu (0.21grams)

This would have been packed in an earthen jar and buried under the eaves of the house to maintain the correct moisture. Maturation could be 1 to 5 years.

When I make neriko today, I use a different recipe, with a more modern method.

The ingredients I use are:

Aloeswood powder
Sandalwood powder
Benzoin powder
Charcoal Powder
Tupelo honey

Charcoal helps control the heat in burning
Tupelo honey doesn't crystalize

I also pack them in a ceramic jar and leave them at least six months.

*Recipe is one of three for this incense
**Provided by Kyosaburo Nakata of Baieido corporation


roygbiv said...

About how much incense did this batch make and where do you purchase your supplies?

davidoller said...

Sorry to take so long, I got supplies from various sources. Oregon Spice for High Oil Saigon Cinnamon, cloves, star anise anywhere. Sandalwood and Aloeswood I took chipped from Baieido (Tsukigase Chipped) and Sandalwood Chips. Didn't pay attention to how much I used or how much it made.

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