Monday, March 19, 2012

We are moving quickly into the Cherry Blossom season in Japan. This in terms of incense is a time when Jinko (aloeswood) takes on less importance and Byakudan (sandalwood) takes on more importance.

Tea masters will begin burning sandalwood chips instead of the heavier neriko incense.

Your own preferences in aromas will move to the lighter florals and sandalwoods, although aloeswood is still nice in the evening hours.

I thought I would post a little video I took in Japan some years ago.


Anonymous said...

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Funkyscents said...

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Nick Eberle said...

Thank you for sharing all this information about incense. Have you ever used Primo Incense?

This is what I burn at home and I was wondering how you felt the quality of the burn. I can send you samples for you to review if you haven't used it before.

Unknown said...

One of the things I really like about buying incense from you is the little samples you send with the big orders. You don’t have to do it, and there’s some thought to what you put in – once an Agar 31 that smells just like what I ordered, but less expensive. Another time a better incense from the same manufacturer as one I’d ordered.

So, I appreciate you, your thoughtfulness, and your honesty.

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Bethany said...

I really like the pics on this blog! Japanese incense sounds cool.

Thomas Reed said...

Beautiful video of Japan. Japan is such a beautiful country. I hope I get to visit one day.

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