Monday, November 16, 2009

Kodo Utensils – Ko Dou Gu


Shino-Ryu (Shino School)

Kodo equipment in itself is a huge subject. Different schools use different equipment and use this equipment in somewhat different arrangement and display.  My knowledge may be slightly skewed to particular branching of these schools. I will try to cover as much as possible, but I do not expect it to be anything like a complete presentation of the subject.  More or less I want to convey a general idea of the equipment that is used.

柱空入 Taki gara ire - Silver Bowl - Shino Style
火道具建 Hi dogu tate - Silver Vase - Shino Style


灰押 Haiosae - Ash press
羽(羽箒) Habouki – Feather
木香箸 Kikoubashi - Incense chopsticks (wood)
銀葉挟 Ginyou basami - Mica Tongs
香匙 Kou saji - Incense spoon
香筋 Kyouji - metal chopsticks (Shino)


乱箱 Midare bako - Random box
帛紗 Fukusa - Silk Cloth (underneath koro)
地敷 Jishiki - Ground cover (under box)

random box 

火取火箸 Hitori hibashi - Incense Censer Chopsticks
火取香炉 Hitori-gouro - Incense Censer

香炭団 Kou Tadon - Kodo charcoal
聞香炉 Kiki-gouro

kd2  Oie1a

These are a few of the basic items, there are many more and like I said varying with the school and teacher. This should give you a good idea of the general equipment.



author said...

Hi David, I can see the kanji on the website/blog, just not in email.
- Janine

Brandon M Forsht said...

looks fine in Firefox

chamekke said...
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chamekke said...

Thank you for this article - and the photo illustrations = very interesting!

I know what most of the dougu are for, but how is the takigara-ire used?

davidoller said...

Taki gara ire is the Silver Bowl and it is used to keep the used mica plates for cleaning. Mica plates a cleaned with wet green tea leaves, does a great job of removing the resin.

chamekke said...

Thank you, that's very helpful! I haven't tried cleaning my mica plates yet - will definitely do it with used green tea leaves (even if I don't have a silver bowl to put them in :-) Cheers!

Thomas Reed said...

The utensils used in kodo are often so cute and dainty. Very pretty photos.

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