Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feedback, Comments, and Questions

I would like to make readers aware that I have not found a way to easily access feedback, comments and questions, posted on the Blog. I do check for comments after I post an article, but not the articles in the archives.

We do have a Baieido page on Facebook and it is much easier to dialog in that format, so please consider joining that group if you have questions etc.

You will also find we post more notices there, and if an article is posted here it will show up there as well.

I am also happy to speak with you on the phone and we have a toll free number for your convenience.



David Oller


Steve Pereira said...

Is this blog still active? I did a Google search for incense blogs, and this is the second one that came up.

I am looking for active incense blogs to list on my blog:

davidoller said...

Yes Steve, I update when I have time.

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