Monday, August 24, 2009

Back in ABQ

Coming out of the airport the first face I see is Max. He's so excited I can't get him back so I can open the door. Once inside he sits on my lap the whole way home.

It got a little busy so I missed some notes but Sal with came by and we had a nice talk. We might try and do a Kodo demonstration in the future at his shop in Long Island.

The last day we visted the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and had lunch with my buddy Roseanne from Sunrose. She took us to a little Italian spot in a residential area of North Bronx. The food was fantastic!

It's good to be home and I spent today catching up the books and shipping orders.


author said...

Sounds great!

author said...

oops... it's me Janine

(I'm jealous about the Bronx Italian restaurant.)

davidoller said...

Me too. Nothing like that around here, but Janine you've got North Beach and Molinari's deli

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