Monday, January 3, 2011


I was doing some browsing this past weekend on the subject or Aloeswood/Agarwood/Oud/Kinam Koh etc. I noticed a lot of questions being asked on the perfume blogs and discussion groups. A good deal of what was presented came from our research at Esoterics LLC/Baieido USA. It was also properly cited which I am most grateful for. Frankly I’m not so protective of my own research and writing but a great deal of what I have offered was co-authored by Kyozaburo Nakata and others at Baieido, and some with various professors in Japan. I do feel responsible to protect those dear friends who have offered so much of their time to educate us on this subject.

Of course we welcome and thoroughly enjoy the discussions on these other forums and want to thank those of you who strive to learn and educate others.

I would also love to see some of these discussions take place on our Facebook fan page. You can find a reference to it on this page or search Facebook under Baieido. The group is now up to over 700 members from all over the world and growing.

Love to have you join us!

David Oller

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