Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Green Tea Incense


We got some great feedback on Green Tea Incense at the New York Gift Fair. If you haven’t tried Green Tea Incense you should give it a try.

Green Tea Incense is a smokeless incense which uses real Itoen green tea. It is the only GTI using real green tea, but Baieido has a very functional idea about this product. Using a chemical fragrance may have produced a nice smell but the functionality of Green Tea is it’s ability to absorb other odors.

Many years ago Japanese Restaurants & Japanese people cooking in their homes discovered that burning green tea after cooking would eliminate the cooking odors. For this they used old green tea that was no longer fresh enough to drink.

I tried this at home after the Nakata’s told me about this at our first Gift Show, and both Rosie & I were impressed how well it worked. Important for us because our home is small. Since that time I’ve been telling our wholesalers about it. Usually it was met by some skepticism. So I started sending free samples to the wholesalers, and I remember who was the first to call me back about it, it was Joan of Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces in Portland. “David! I was having some people over and cooked Salmon, then the house smelled like. . . you know. . . Salmon! So I tried the Tea Incense you sent, and David, Oh My God, it worked!

Now I think, we have become so used to sales pitches that we scarcely believe anything a salesman tells us, well all I ask is you think back and try to remember anytime we told you something that wasn’t absolutely true or what we claimed.



Anonymous said...

ORS Question - "Does anybody know what ingredients make up the “dough” that is used as the basis for creating smokeless incenses such as Baieido Bikou Kobunboku?"

Mike ORS wrote - "I’m definitely interested in the answer to that one too"

Link to question - http://olfactoryrescueservice.wordpress.com/ask-the-olfactory-rescue-service/#comment-8417

davidoller said...

Scott, I read your email and checked your link for ORS and could not find anything. Checking this link, of course, I found your question, but I'm a little stumped why you didn't just ask the question in the email? At any rate, I may not be able to answer your question 100% Certain things are proprietary and as you may know the Japanese don't always respond to questions they wish not to answer in the same manner Americans do. Given that, what I can tell you is that anything thats ever been said about binders lacks details, this would include makko, etc. It is my opinion that specifics may be the most closely guarded secret of incense makers. As to other ingredients, sandalwood powder is frequently used, and many of the smokeless include fragrances. These are modern not traditional incenses and are not 100% whole herb.

Anonymous said...

Most informative. I will put the same information to the original question at ORS.

Suri cruise said...

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